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Note #20 by gokarate 13/08/2006 : 11:22
Hi All,

Just like to bring a new martial arts resource to everyones attention.

At you can promote your club/association/products  via FREE, club listings, articles, events diary and forums.


Note #19 by Rocky 03/08/2006 : 20:34

Liahona Warrior Arts Re-search & Development

New USA based Pencak Silat Organization

E- Mail me or check out my Blog

Note #18 by DaveGodan 19/06/2006 : 16:53

Good idea this website of yours. If you want to reciprocate links will do so - all the best with it, Dave Wilkins


Note #11 by richard 22/12/2005 : 17:38
Name: richard ramkissoon
City: London, England
Country: United Kingdom
HomePage URL:
How did i find you? search engine
Message: Hello my name is richard i have built a web site to further my knowage o­n martial arts, i hope you can take a look. It is under construction at the moment.
I have a built section headings to display many different styles of martial arts and much more. You can place your information o­n this gateway for free and help others to find out more information o­n the martial arts .

for more informarion please visit

Thank you

Richard Ramkissoon

Note #8 by HenryEllis 30/11/2005 : 00:26

Dear Admin

The new site looks great. I am most grateful for the the good work seen o­n the old site, and look forward to the continued success o­n this new o­ne. Please also continue the good work and standards of the old site.

Best wishes,

 Henry Ellis  Co-author of Positive Aikido..

Note #7 by Adam 29/11/2005 : 19:21

This is really useful web site.  I will link it to mine soon.  My site is

The Martial Arts Book and Video Review


Note #6 by Droid 29/11/2005 : 16:09

I'm new to martial arts and am finding it very hard but worth it!  I find that my instructor to be o­ne of the honest o­nes, as he often state "Even though he is a 5th Dan, there are still things that he can learn even from a white belt!".  This I feel is honesty in itself.  My chosen Martial Art is Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan. I'm a proud member of the Leicester club held at S.I.D of Desford Leics.


Tang Soo wink

Note #5 by nanda 28/11/2005 : 09:04
i like martial arts i want to learn it especailly nun chaks

Note #4 by martialedge 24/11/2005 : 23:51


It’s getting harder to find honesty in the martial arts these days. Instructors and organisations alike are promising things that they will never be able to fulfil. Books and other publications all claiming to know the ‘secrets of Zen’ or those interesting titles such as ‘kung fu for dummies’ are becoming increasingly common. The fact is there are no secrets to the martial arts. If you want to achieve your full potential as an individual, you must train, and train hard.

This month we have three of the UK’s leading martial artists who may have very different styles but have o­ne thing in common-honesty. They not o­nly teach by it, but live by the principle. Geoff Thompson achieved his blackbelt in Karate, but had still failed to conquer the fear within, Roger Ennal’s spent 14 years of his life dedicated to Taekwondo but realised in some situations it didn’t work, and Sifu Santer refused to be a victim. These three martial artists are certainly people we can all learn from, because they were not afraid to question the very foundation of their training and beliefs.

The Martialedge team would also like to give a warm welcome to Ben Johnson, also known by his pen name ‘Kung Fu monkey.’ Ben will bring us the best in movie news, reviews and articles each month.

For this months edition David Robson spent some time with American martial arts legend Bill Louie. Bill is now in his fifties but he’s still competing and training as hard as ever. All this as well as all our regular features, this month’s edition of Martialedge is something that cannot be missed. Stay focused

Pete Mills Managing editor

Note #3 by cyriades 18/11/2005 : 04:14
Thanks for a great site! I link this site frequently o­n my own news page, so that my visitors can stay up to date o­n the latest martial arts events.wink
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